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Showing Off Underwear!
I just love showing my underwear from panties, briefs, and thongs. I always have them popping out of low-rise jeans. Sometimes I unbutton my jeans and show off the cute designs. I have been doing this since I was in grade nine. Now I am in college, and I still do it. It is a very flirty, and the guys just love it.

As for thongs I don’t show them as much, only when I am wearing boxer shorts either to bed or as shorts. I let the thongs peek above my boxers. I do this whenever I am walking around at night in the dorm or at boy/girl sleepover parties.

Panties, I show them off all the time at clubs, parties, and pub nights at school. I have them show above my low-rise jeans. I wear these really cute girly and teeny designs like cartoons, fruits, and shapes. But I never wear granny panties because they are gross.

Briefs, I just show the waistband if they are white and I wear a matching white tank top. I show an inch of brief’s material if it’s black, dark blue, or gray. I mainly wear designer briefs to say that I wearing designer underwear. I do this at clubs mainly and sometimes at pubs.
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JEAN View Profile 17-Jun-08
Yesterday at the mall. I saw this with red patnies poppping out of her jeans and I just :) d it.
grant View Profile 15-Mar-08
well it is a turn on for most guys, ps i like to show off panies too
LIZA View Profile 11-Mar-08
showing your underwear is NOT CLASSY ladies. Its a little disgust don't you think????
Ashley View Profile 23-Feb-08
wow you guys are pretty gross. sorry but wearing diapers and showing them off? showing off underwear to get attention. sounds like a "lady" thing to do. im not directing this at the author exactly, more to those who posted below me.

3 ash
michelle View Profile 27-Jan-08
I feel more at home in a dress or skirt,but,there are times that I can't resist showing off,ust a little!If I'm sitting across from someone,I'll part my legs a little,and look for their reaction.Guys are the worst,I've caught a couple staring,up my skirt for so long,that they become preoccupied,and totally forget that you even have a head,and by the time that they snap out of it,and look up and see that you are looking right at them,they get all red-faced and embarrassed.Then they realize that you caught them,and they sheepishly have to try and hide the bulge in their pants,it's so cute!I'll even bait them,when I'm feeling mischeivous,by dropping things,so I have to bend over,or being overly dramatic when crossing my legs.It's cute when I catch gils sneeking peaks,too!
Corey 11-Jan-08
haha i like to show off my thong when i wear them . i think its fun..
Leon 06-Jan-08
Man, that is so HOT!! Only one thing, you should show off your thong more. THey are way more sexy than regular panties!!
Ella 24-Dec-07
Well, I don't wear cartoon diapers unless my siblings make me.
britney View Profile 21-Dec-07
Ella look at my post under yours :). I wear diapers as well
Ella 12-Dec-07
I don't really like showing of my underwear. Well, ok, I don't wear underpants, I wear diapers! And they're sesame street one's too. It would be embarrassing to show off my baby lingerie.
britney View Profile 04-Dec-07
what kind of cartoon undderwear do u wear?
I wear hello kityt, my little pony, kim possible, care bear, barney, etc. Also I wear diapers under them because I hav accidents. Post back please
Jennifer View Profile 25-Nov-07
I don't wear pants... I do wear thongs under my skirts and they show enough. I've had guys comment on my underwear and how much of it they saw. I like the feeling that I get when I find out I was exposed and didn't know it. But I don't like purposefully showing it. View Profile 24-Nov-07
I also enjoy showing off my panties. I get a thrill when the girls giggle or say something about my thong or panties showing.
** thongster ** View Profile 18-Nov-07
I sooo agree with you! I always let my thongs peek above my low-rise jeans. I :) the attention I get. Recently I've tried unzipping a bit when I go out to clubs or parties, and even got a few of my friends into it. It's really awesome!

I only wear thongs and g's so I can't really say that I show them differently depending on the type of underwear. Thongs all the way for me!!!!

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