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Guys wearing dresses
hey I'm 17, and I have wanted to be able to try and wear a dress. I am pretty small so I think I would fit in one, though I'm not sure what size.
I just don't know where I could buy one just to try it without any suspicion, or try to get a girl to dress me up without her thinking I'm gay (which I am not).

I have no sisters at all, but it seems like girls would look at me strangly if they knew about it. Why can't it be easy to just try on a simple dress?
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David 07-Mar-09
I will agre im 12 and have this prob some one help me
kakaaaa (not realy) 06-Oct-06
i'm sorry i dont have your problem i have 5 older sisters so i can alway find something i'm straight and i just :) the comfort of girls clothing and also it gets my adrenalin pumping thinking if i'm gona be cought or not and plus you can just go to a store outside of town were no one will know you and buy one then you dont have to worry about seeing the person again. (dont worry i'm straight)
Tami View Profile 01-Apr-06
text Find a girl who will help you find one.
Go shopping girl!

No need to be afraid. Once you get all dolled up you will like it.
I have gone shopping with a few boys for girls clothes before and it was a lot of fun!

Be yourself.
Allison 22-Jan-06
if a guy wants to wear a dress, that's ok with me. im a girl and i wear pants also. i don't really have a problem with it.
as for getting one, just go to some store and say it's a present for a girl. they should buy it.
Eric View Profile 21-Jan-06
Seriously, what makes you want to wear a dress? Or any other type of women's clothing (for the guy who said he wears panties)? But whatever...erm...makes you happy I suppose, right?
Mason 21-Jan-06
Listen, just find a dress that you think looks sexy. I wear girls clothes all the time, so I know a thing or two. You can IM me at kazedionysus13 if you wanna chat about it!
Thomas 04-Dec-05
so when is it going to be the guys turn in this world to be able to go out in public and wear a nics skirt or dress??? as it is now i only wear panties and in the winter apair of warm tights under my jeans, it keeps my legs warm. does anyone else do the same??? I only do it for the fact of comfort. i hate the way mens underwear feels.....its too uncomfortable.
Verummba 30-Nov-05
Find a girl who likes crossdressers (such as myself)-we're not that uncommon, and would be glad to help. As far as buying one, try browsing thrift stores (if you're really worried, try bringing one of said girls along with you).

Crossdressing has nothing to do with homosexuality (or any other sexuality, for that matter).
Heroless View Profile 28-Nov-05
cross dresser
Yemi View Profile 20-Nov-05
first of all why do u want to wear a dress again. I'm a girl and i probably wouldnt think ur gay but i'd think ur strange. maybe start with a skirt instead if u wnat to wear a femal article of clothing.
Andrew View Profile 15-Nov-05
Yeah well the problem is how do I get that oppertunity, I don't have any sisters who are close to my size, and I don't even know my size.
Daniel View Profile 10-Nov-05
but andrew, its the feeloing of having it on. it feels really good and comftorable. and also, for some people its the thrill of putting it on
Andrew View Profile 06-Nov-05
also what do I do once I'm in a dress? all it seems like is that I would have to take it off if I did not want to be discovered.

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