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Ticklish Feet
My uncle is a podiatrist, so my mom thought it would be a good idea for me to go get my feet checked. I went in and took off my shoes and socks, then he started examining my feet, and I BURST OUT LAUGHING! He started by spreading my toes, and I couldn't stop giggling.

He used some thing to like go in-between each of my toes, and I was screaming I was laughing so hard. IT TICKLED SO MUCH! Every spot on my feet he touched tickled. My mom was laughing at me, and they said they could hear me laughing in the waiting room. It was like torture; he touched my arches, right under my toes, everywhere. He even swabbed between them. That tickled the most. My mom had to hold my feet in place so I didn't kick him.

Like a week later my little cousin came over (she's six), and I was sitting on the couch with my bare feet up, and she started running her fingers up and down my feet. I tried to stand it, but I started giggling a lot. I wiggled my toes to keep it from tickling, but it was really bad! She has tiny fingers that got between my toes and tickled there. My mom saw her tickling me, so she came to help. Too bad she helped her; she sat on my legs so I couldn't escape, and they both tickled my bare feet for like five minutes!

Is anyone else really ticklish on their feet? Do you get tickled? It's the worst. I'm bent over laughing and can't stop. I knew I was ticklish, but I haven't had my feet tickled for a long time. I took my shoes off when my friend was over, and he started teasing me about how stinky they were (they were), and to kid I stuck them in his face to smell them, and when he did it TICKLED REALLY BAD! Anyone else have this or their own stories? *Lol*
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Mike 03-Feb-06
I'm very ticklish! It's humiliating to me to get tickled.

The worst time was once when my older sister and her friends tickled me. I was sitting on my sister's bed with my feet stretched out when my sister and 3 of her friends came in the room. My sister immediantly ran her finger up my sole. I jumped and squealed. They all laughed. I had a huge crush on 1 of the girls, so my sister decided to humiliate me. She began to really tickle my feet. Even worse, they all started to tickle me all over my body.

In the end, I knew that I had no chance with the girl, and I looked like a ticklish joke.

My girlfriend :)s to tickle me. She thinks it's really funny because I'm ticklish and she's not.

Any more stories?
danielle 07-Dec-05
Do you have any other stories you would like to share ? It definatley feels good to know im not the only one.
Stacy View Profile 30-Nov-05
OMG!!!!!!!!! I have ticklish feet too!!!!! I hate it!!!!!!!! I had to go to the podiatirst to get callouses removed from my heels, but the dr had to do the swabbing thing up and down my feet. I was going INSANE! I was laughing so hard. And it sucks cause when someone tickles my feet, I get goosebumps cause it scares the crap outta me. I'm serious, every single hair stands up on my arm it scares the crap outta me so bad. then I get the chills. I HATE THE TICKLISHNESS IN MY FEET !!!!!!!!!! IT SHOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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